Research Internship Positions:

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Research Internships

Marine Mammal Education and Research- Marine Mammal Education and Research Interns work with the Boston Harbor Cruises Whale Watch team, participating in data collection and research related to marine mammals, as well as providing educational opportunities and support to whale watch attendees. Click to learn more about other duties and responsibilities!

- Whale Conservation Webmaster- Whale Conservation Webmaster Interns work with the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, creating and maintaining a website dedicated to helping others learn more about whale phenology issues and publications about current whale research. Click to learn more about other duties and responsibilities!

-Aerial Survey- The aerial team has been conducting surveys in an area proposed for wind development off Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 2011. This work has greatly increased survey effort in these understudied areas and helped increase our understanding of the marine environment. Interns will not be directly involved in aerial survey or field work but may have the opportunity to observe and assist with survey preparation and ground operations as needed. Results from photo analysis work may support future publications. Click to learn more about other duties and responsibilities! 

-Sustainable Seafood Messaging- Sustainable Seafood Messaging Intern to assist Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life staff in updating and supplementing sustainable seafood messaging and education for the Aquarium. Click to learn more about other duties and responsibilities! 

Shark Bycatch Research Database Intern - The Fisheries Science and Emerging Technologies Program seeks an intern to conduct a thorough literature review on the topic of bycatch reduction in elasmobranchs. The intern will perform an exhaustive literature search and build a database to organize and catalog relevant papers. The intern will populate the database with information and data pulled from the literature. Click to learn more about other duties and responseabilities!

-Earth Science Data- Intern would compile details on earth orbiting satellite data, climate timeseries data, and earth system model outputs that may be applicable to marine ecosystem models. Click to learn more about other duties and responsibilities! 

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