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**This program is not running as of August 2023**

The live blue™ Service Corps offers ways to get involved with the mission of the Aquarium on a schedule that works for you! 





Water Chestnut Removal on the Mystic RiverThe Service Corps works with local environmental agencies and organizations to identify threats to the blue planet and develop projects to address those threats. Our volunteers are then mobilized to address these issues on the ground through various single-day projects. In this way, we take the mission of the Aquarium outside its walls and into the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Getting involved is easy! To start, create an NEAq volunteer profile and submit an application, and then sign up for a single one-hour orientation on our calendar. You will then be added to our volunteer email list to receive regular updates, and you can begin signing up for projects posted on the calendar. You can also apply to Skilled Positions that offer a flexible commitment, but require an in-person interview and training.

Signup for a live blue Service Corps Orientation here!

Want to help us plan and lead projects? Apply to become a Service LeaderMore information below!

Service Projects

When you're a member of the live blue Service Corps, you'll have the opportunity to participate in service projects all over eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod!

Projects in the past included:

  • Invasive Species removal and habitat restoration on the Boston Harbor Islands
  • Water Chestnut removal in the Charles and Mystic Rivers
  • Marine debris cleanups from Gloucester to Dorchester
  • Quahog "planting" and seeding in Barnstable
  • Dune grass harvesting and restoration in Ipswich
  • Walking the beaches of Cape Cod to identify and rescue hypothermic sea turtles
  • So many more!

Most of our events are field based and allow you to see the impact of what you’ve done that day.  We want our events to be accessible by public transportation and will do our best to provide transportation if that’s not possible.


To see a full list of upcoming Service Corps opportunities, please click here.

Alternately, you can also see opportunities in a calendar format. 


Service Corps Skilled Positions

Interested in maintaining a flexible, episodic volunteer schedule, but want to take on additional responsibilities? Various aquarium departments and partner organizations are in need of skilled, dedicated volunteers for a number of roles!

The live blue Service Initiative offers you the chance to apply to positions that are similar to the Classic Corps but without the weekly, 6-month commitment. Just like the Classic Corps, however, interested individuals must apply, interview, and attend a training to qualify for many of these positions. 

Examples of Skilled Service Corps Positions include:

live blue Service Leaders  

Edge of the Sea Education Volunteers 

Turtle Emergency Response Volunteers (TERV) 

Marine Mammal Education Volunteer

Quincy Commissary Volunteer 

Rescue and Rehab Field Response Volunteers 

Aquarium and Field Photographers 


Visit: Volunteer FAQs

What is living blue?  

Our mission is to Protect the Blue Planet by actively engaging in research and conservation, as well as by fostering future aquatic stewards. But to protect the 70% of the planet covered in water, we must recognize that our actions on land have a significant impact on on our aquatic ecosystems. 

"Living Blue" is essentially

Thank you for your service!

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