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The Susie Buttrick Award is named after our longest running volunteer here at the Aquarium. This award provides the opportunity for a department to provide enrichment to their volunteers’/interns’ experiences at the New England Aquarium. This grant is awarded to a department that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Develops a thoughtful recognition program for their volunteers and interns.  
  • Implements additional professional development or training of volunteers/interns. 
  • Utilizes the skills and expertise of volunteers for a special project, providing
  • volunteers and interns with a sense of connection to the department and to the New England Aquarium. 
  • Hosts and implements a project initiated by a volunteer or intern.

In 2017, the Susie Butrick Award was split between two departments to bring great programs to their volunteers:

The Giant Ocean Tank will use funds to purchase a monitor for their diver prep area, allowing staff and volunteers to observe feedings occuring in the water. The monitor will also be able to display daily feeding schedules, important updates, and educational pieces as needed.

The Visitor Education team will use their funds to purchase materials to lead Interpretive Guide Training and Certification courses for any volunteers and interns that educate the public, including Education, Penguin Colony, and Marine Mammal volunteers.

Thank you for your service!

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