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At Voluntern, we recognize volunteers that have dedicated many years of service to the Aquarium. While some may have left the Aquarium for a period of time, they have continued to return to volunteer year after year. For their dedication and commitment to the Aquarium mission, we name each of these volunteers at the volunteer appreciation ceremony in October.

These are the Years of Service Award winners of 2018:

5+ Years

Jen Buckingham

Kelly McKeon

Jen Moore

Maggie Cuthbert

Lindsay Grumbach

Carolyn Whelpley

Amber Fisher

Jen Stevens

April Pinnick 

Ryan McAndrews

Sarah LaBaire

Aaron Nathan

Claudia Geib

Mack McBrine

Aleksandra Ostojic

Blanca Gonzalez Herrero

Michele Mei

Paula Renaud

Danielle Gendron

Raymond Hebert

Cori Roach

Denise Zaccheo

Erinn Hasselgren

Jill Nolan

Monica Pepe

Laura Donovan

Christine Van Germert

Mary Liesegang

10+ Years

Kristina Williams 

Jessica Gallo

Claire Johnson

Tony Wen

15+ Years 

Donna Paterson

Kathy Gorman

Randi-Scott Guire

20+ Years

Alicia Lenci (21)

Kate Murray (21)

Melissa Hoge (22)

Linda Yu (22)

Sandi Birdsail (22)

Jerry Campbell (23)

Wilson Menashi (23)

Mark Murray (24)

25+ Years

Eleanor Davison (27)

Richard Ayache (27)

Bill McWeeny (28)

Joy Marzolf (28)

Terry Rogers (28)

Noel Jette (29)

Ken Lubar (29)

49 Years 

Susie Buttrick

Thank you for your service!

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