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At Voluntern, we recognize volunteers that have dedicated many years of service to the Aquarium. While some may have left the Aquarium for a period of time, they have continued to return to volunteer year after year. For their dedication and commitment to the Aquarium mission, we name each of these volunteers at the volunteer appreciation ceremony in October.

These are the Years of Service Award winners of 2022:


5+ Years

Kendra Jacomo​

Emily Lyons​

Mark Weber​

Jennifer Thorne​

Martin Horowitz​

Amanda Claussen​

Isaac Wilcox​

Tori Guerina​

Stephanie Durgin​

Terri Sacco​

Donna Brewer​

Thea Berthoff​

Holly Muson​

Emily Millen​


10+ Years

Paul Moriarty​

Alfred Kyrollos​


15+ Years

Jacqueline Celata​


20+ Years

Alicia Lenci (25)

Melissa Rocha (22)

Mike Whyte (21) 

Sarah Capozzoli (20)

Katie Pugliares-Bonner (20)

Mark Murray (28)


30+ Years

Ken Lubar (32)

Terry Rogers (32)

Daniel Dolan (31)

Eleanor Davidson (31)

Thank you for your service!

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