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Volunteer Programs & Internships

Our Guiding Principles:


The NEAq Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships seeks to become a service leader through the Greater New England environmental community.

We accomplish this goal by thoughtfully crafting meaningful service opportunities that are mutually beneficial to participant and the institution. These opportunities fulfill the unpaid staffing needs of our institution while providing participants with highly educational and hands-on experiences. We seek to create experiences that empower volunteers in their roles as Ocean Stewards and encourage them to mobilize their fellow community members to do the same.    

The Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships operates with the following values in mind:

  • Ocean stewardship is essential to the betterment and sustainability of our planet
  • Volunteerism is a force for positive environmental, civic and personal change and by connecting service to ocean stewardship we are able to meet the critical needs of Greater Boston and beyond
  • Volunteerism at its best incorporates fairness, equitability, accessibility and diversity of all kinds
  • All Volunteers and Interns serving within the New England Aquarium deserve strong mentorship, positive developmental opportunities, quality recognition and a sense of connection to the community

How Volunteer Programs & Internships Support the Mission, Vision & Values of New England Aquarium:

The Office of Volunteer Programs & Internships mobilizes nearly 1000 Volunteers & Interns annually in support of the New England Aquarium’s mission of protecting the blue planet.

Volunteers & Interns are individually mentored by staff serving in every department throughout the Aquarium to assist in the completion of daily tasks while they simultaneously further the organization’s mission through individual growth, purposeful aquatic stewardship, and community engagement.

·         Mobilizing members of New England’s adult public in deep dive opportunities that fulfill the institution’s mission of protecting the blue planet while allowing participants to leverage their passions in new and innovative ways
·         Engaging those that serve in a way that empowers them to become an ambassador for NEAq in their personal communities and to deliver the concepts of ocean conservation on behalf of our institution
·         Leveraging hands-on experiences to expose residents of Greater Boston to aquatic conservation concerns and build environmental consciousness
·         Developing internal leadership and commitment to institutional mission, vision, and values by providing unparalleled service to supervisors, creating high-level mentee matches, and supporting supervisors as they train, develop and recognize their unpaid staff

Thank you for your service!

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