At Voluntern, we recognize volunteers that have dedicated many years of service to the Aquarium. While some may have left the Aquarium for a period of time, they have continued to return to volunteer year after year. For their dedication and commitment to the Aquarium mission, we name each of these volunteers at the volunteer appreciation ceremony in October.

These are the Years of Service Award winners of 2019:

We would first like to celebrate Susie Buttrick for 50 Years of service at the New England Aquarium. Thank you, Susie, for everything!

5+ Years

David Goldstein

Lauren Mack

James Richardson

Dina Zawaski

Deb Joyce

Crystal Lingel

Lisa Hollis

Nivisha Naik

Raymond Wong

Regina Pagani

Beng Ky

Anna Wankum

Allison Onofrio

Sean Rothwell

Serena Amaral

Sarah Taylor

Lisa Warren

Sandra Jeffries

Cleo Falvey

Amy Munroe

Carol DePetrillo

Christine DeLallo

Edward Nordberg

Karen Quan

Laura Lewis

Lillian Weitzman

Nancy LeClair

Elizabeth Linske

Ariana Livingston

Laura Cupicha

Marisa Tardiani

Rebecca Lash

Sarah deMelo

Sarah Taylor

Gimena Alegre

10+ Years

Nina Fischer

Shirley Fragata

Chelsea Preston

Victor Dellisola

Bryan Pothier

15+ Years 

Michael Abelson

Patty Schilling

Elise Blanken

Jo-An Heileman

20+ Years

Amy Rogers (20)

Urika Malone (20)

Alicia Lenci (22)

Linda Yu (23)

Melissa Hoge (23) 

Sandi Birdsall (23)

Jerry Campbell (24)

Wilson Menashi (24)

Mark Murray (25)

Eleanor Davison (27)

Dan Dolan (28)

Richard Ayache (28)

Bill McWeeny (29)

Ken Lubar (29)

Noel Jette (29)

Terry Rogers (29)


Thank you for your service!

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