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Aquaculture Research Internship

Currently only offered in summer cycles. 

Please note that this position is 100% remote.


Position Summary:

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system on the planet and is a critical source of protein for millions of people worldwide. However, as aquaculture continues to expand, it must do so in a way that minimizes its environmental and social impacts and uses globally limited resources in an efficient way.

Land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for marine fish, such as Atlantic salmon and branzino, have been promoted as being able to resolve many traditional environmental risks (e.g., escapes), associated with aquaculture. A number of large RAS farms are in operation in the U.S., with many more in the development or construction phase. However, these types of systems have struggled to achieve production goals and achieve profitability due to a variety of operational challenges.

This position will work with the Aquaculture Programs Manager to review relevant RAS operations (both domestic and abroad) and collate common challenges and opportunities to scaling up production. This could include internet research, as well as interviews with RAS companies and blue technology innovators. The intern will also assist with a number of activities aimed at disseminating information to relevant stakeholders, including those with limited knowledge of aquaculture.


Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Researching relevant recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and identifying key contacts in the industry. This will include communicating with aquaculture companies directly.

· Identifying risks and challenges in recirculating aquaculture system operations through a combination of literature review and interviews.

· Help identify innovative and technological solutions that have the potential to address challenges in RAS, particularly those with broader aquaculture application.

· Help develop e-learning modules and white papers aimed at non-technical audiences.

· Assist with outreach opportunities to a variety of external stakeholders, including scientists, NGOs, and industry professionals.



· Minimum of two years of completed undergraduate study.

· Excellent writing and communication skills, including communicating scientific information to a non-technical audience.

· Coursework in environmental science, marine biology, or a similar field, with a basic understanding of aquaculture, including associated environmental risk.

· Experience conducting independent research using online scientific journal databases, news websites, and other sources of information; developing literature reviews.

· Comfort and ability to reach out to industry, regulators, etc. to gather information.

· Must be highly self-motivated, with the ability to work flexibly and independently.


Program Description:

With a vision for a vibrant and vital ocean for future generations, the New England Aquarium (NEAq) promotes sustainable and responsible growth of the “blue economy”; one that safeguards ocean habitats, species, and ecosystems. NEAq is committed to guiding, validating, and convening to help build a more resilient blue innovation ecosystem. To that end, the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life’s (ACCOL) BalanceBLUE Lab drives entrepreneurs, corporations, and ocean industries towards ocean-friendly practices, sustainability goals, and climate adaptation strategies. Building off decades of experience, partnerships, and deep technical and scientific expertise, NEAq’s ACCOL is the objective ocean conservation voice for New England in aquaculture, offshore wind, fisheries, shipping, marine spatial planning, marine mammals, environmental impact assessment, climate adaptation and resiliency.


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