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Sustainable Seafood Messaging Intern 

Apply now for: Spring 2021

One day per week

Flexible start date, ideal candidate would be able to stay throughout remainder of project (est. 8-12 months).


Position Summary: Intern would assist Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life staff in updating and supplementing sustainable seafood messaging and education for the Aquarium.

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Shadow Aquarium staff and volunteers in the galleries and during presentations to record any and all questions regarding seafood sustainability asked by visitors
  • Work with Anderson Cabot Center and Visitor Experience staff to develop sustainable seafood messaging and educational materials for aquarium visitors and volunteers/staff
  • Assist Anderson Cabot Center staff during outreach events
  • Create and maintain a database of sustainable seafood FAQs
  • Compile species recommendations regarding sustainability
  • Assist with other projects within the Anderson Cabot Center, as needed



  • Strong organizational and communications skills
  • Knowledge of seafood sustainability and marine science
  • Ability to create and maintain good records
  • Ability to work flexibly and independently
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel


Program/Project Description:

The Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium is an initiative designed to expand the Aquarium’s marine research and data-driven conservation solutions. Seafood is a critical source of protein for people around the world—each meal is an opportunity to connect our own wellbeing to that of the oceans. Today, many global fisheries and aquaculture industries remain poorly managed, don’t apply better practices to maximize production while minimizing environmental impacts, or lack the solutions necessary to address critical environmental impacts


The Fisheries and Aquaculture Solutions Program at the Anderson Cabot Center works to reverse this situation and address these problems by providing readily-implementable solutions based on best available science to the public, companies that buy and sell seafood, and the organizations we collaborate with.


Seafood is a high-impact, high-visibility industry. At the core of the complex field of seafood sustainability is a simple problem: poor resource management damages fish stocks, ecosystems, and global ocean health. Our team works to reverse this damage and address these problems at the source. Our research shows that better wild fisheries and aquaculture practices lead to healthier fish stocks and ecosystems, which lead to healthier, more resilient oceans. By working with strategically-positioned companies that buy and sell seafood, we’ve formed a network dedicated to making advancements in seafood sustainability.


Science is at the core of everything we do. With a strong foundation of research in wild fisheries and aquaculture practices, our team of scientists advance readily-implementable solutions to the companies we partner with, the public, and the organizations we collaborate with-all of whom share our vision of a sustainable industry. We’re experts in the local New England fisheries in our backyard, but our researchers have also completed fisheries assessments in more than 100 countries and the dedicated companies we partner with source seafood from every corner of the ocean. Wild-caught and farmed seafood is a global challenge and we’re focused on finding the global solutions to achieve it.


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