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ACCOL Marine Conservation Action Fund Volunteer

Due to Covid-19, we are placing a hiring hold on all Classic Corps Volunteer positions. All applicants will be placed on our wait-list through Jnuary 2021. Please email if you have any questions. 

At the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, we apply innovative, science-based solutions to combat the unprecedented threat to our oceans represented by climate change and other human activities. We’re saving species, habitats, and strengthening the overall health of our oceans. We combine pioneering marine conservation research with strategic partnerships, and the formidable convening power of the New England Aquarium to combat the unprecedented impacts of human activities on our oceans. For decades, our scientists have been actively working to protect ecosystems from human impacts and conserve threatened animals and habitats. Our conservation and research projects span the globe, from protecting the North Atlantic right whale in New England to helping the next generation of conservation leaders in the developing world.
Specifically, the Marine Conservation Action Fund Team’s (part of the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life) mission is to protect and promote ocean biodiversity through small-scale, time sensitive, community based programs and to foster the long-term success of conservation leaders as agents for the ocean. The Marine Conservation Leadership aims to Invest and Inspire Marine Conservation Leaders through our Fellows Program. MCAF aims to ensure these conservation leaders have the financial and professional support they need to be successful.

Position Summary:

The Marine Conservation Action Fund is seeking a volunteer to assist in Evening lectures and weekend events relating to the Spring MCAF Fellow’s visit and Fall MCAF Summit. The position will also include occasional social media assistance (tweeting and blogging), and any other additional light administrative assistance on nights and weekends relating to the MCAF Summit in the Fall, per direction of MCAF Program Officer and Chair.

The volunteer’s primary projects would be to Attend MCAF Lectures and assisting coordination of evening and weekend events for Spring MCAF Fellow visit and Fall MCAF Summit. Volunteer will also assist in occasional social media tweets and posts requested by MCAF Program Officer and Chair. On occasion Volunteer maybe be required to assist in light administrative duties on nights and weekends.

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Skills/Qualifications: Include any specific degree or course requirements, specific skills or experience, and any preferred characteristics (work independently, problem solving, etc.) We seek a volunteer who is good at prioritizing tasks, a quick learner, independent but works well in a team environment, excellent writing skills, and project management. Volunteer must have event coordination skills and social media posting skills, and be familiar with the MCAF Program. Other necessary skills include: proficiency in Microsoft Excel, ability to multi-task, flexible, and excellent communication skills.


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