At Voluntern 2016, we introduced the first annual live blue Service Corps Awards. These three awards are meant to recognize individuals that have dedicated their time and energy to our episodic program by regularly attending cleanups, citizen science projects, habitat restoration projects, and similar efforts all around the Greater Boston Area.

The three awards are:
"Dedication to a Cause," given to a volunteer that puts in countless hours into addressing a single environmental issue. Whether it's returning to a single location for monthly cleanups or working towards a cause at numerous locations, this is given to an individual that has shown true dedication.

"Try Everything," given to a volutneer that has volunteered a projects addressing a wide variety of issues, including projects never-before-seen on our calendar! This is given to an individual that simply aims to be invovled in everything.

"Service Leader of the Year" is given to one of our many volunteer Service Leaders that goes above and beyond the call of duty to plan and lead projects for the Service Corps.

At Voluntern 2017, the winners were: