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Apply Now: Teacher Advisory Council

Visitor Experience/Education

The Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) will advise the Education Department as well as the New England Aquarium on their education initiatives. The TAC will comprise of 10-15 teachers from preK-12 public and private schools who will serve a two-year term.
To advise New England Aquarium on the educational resources, tools, and opportunities in order to best support both educators and promote the Aquarium’s mission.

This includes but is not limited to:
•	Review and provide feedback on current Aquarium education offerings. 
•	Identification of topics of interest as it pertains to curriculum frameworks and learning standards that the Aquarium could provide to educators. 
•	Assistance to Aquarium staff in staying current with state legislation, school and district policies, as well as current trends in K – 12 education.
•	Service as an Aquarium Ambassador to disseminate information about Aquarium education offerings, both locally and nationally.

The role of the Teacher Advisory Council is to function in an advisory capacity. The TAC is not a policy making body.

•	The TAC is a two-year term. The terms run from June – May. The commitments and topics of each term will be revisited each year.
•	TAC members are required to meet in person quarterly at the New England Aquarium. The initial meeting will be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, June 24th (lunch included). Each additional meeting will be held on a Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (lunch included). 
•	TAC members will receive one online survey each month accompanied with a document to review. TAC members are responsible for completing the surveys each month. 
•	TAC members will provide opinions through surveys and during the quarterly meetings. They will also provide feedback at the end of their term. 
•	TAC members commit to participating in the following Aquarium Education program:
o	One field trip at the Aquarium during the months of September to February while having students use a New England Aquarium Guide. There will be no entrance fee for up to 100 students.  
The purpose of participation in these programs is to allow council members a better understanding of the programs that they are advising the Aquarium on. 

Specific Functions of the Teacher Advisory Council:
1.	Aquarium’s On-site Programs
In this two-year term the Teacher Advisory Council members will be advising Aquarium staff on the following items:
a.	Field trip resources
b.	Review format and content of educational guides and provide feedback on the ease of use of online guides and kit lessons in the classroom
c.	Advertising techniques
d.	Pilot new programs and/or materials and evaluate
e.	Professional Development courses/workshop topics

•	TAC members will be considered Aquarium volunteers, and receive volunteer benefits.
•	Free lunches and discounted parking will be available at quarterly meetings.
•	Free field trip for up to 100 students.

To Apply:
•​​​​Please be sure that your online profile is complete and click "Express Interest" below. 
•Please also send an up-to-date resume to
•Succesful applicants will complete two rounds of interviews prior to the first meeting on Saturday, June 24th.


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5/16/2017    - 5/31/2018VOLUNTEERS NEEDED THROUGH 5/31/2018

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